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Rotary Gear Pumps

Rotomech Rotary External Gear Pumps are specially designed for handling liquids with very low viscosity and very high viscosity, free abrasive, particles. Pump bodies are designed with due consideration for porting and opening for easy entry for discharge. The gears used are special profile for most efficiency liquid transfer with noiseless operation.

Rotomech Rotary External Pumps consist of two gears closely fitted in a housing liquids is carried to the periphery of the revolving gears from the suction to the discharge side. The teeth are meshing between the two gears thus preventing return of the liquid from discharge side to suction side and close clearance is maintained between the running parts and the stationary parts to ensure high volumetric efficiency. Pumps are supplied for heavy duty continious operation and intermittent operation, the details of pumps can be available on request.

Typical Liquids Handled by above pumps :-

Glucose, Milk Mineral Oil, Molasses, Naphtha, paints, Castor Oil, Caustic Lye, Detergent, Enamel, Fats, Fatty Acids, Fruit Juices, Glues, Printing Ink, Sheelac, Sizing Liquid, Starch Liquor, Soap, Adhesives, Asphalt, Sodium Silicate, Soya Oil, Sugar Syrub, Transformer Oil, Furnace Oil, Varnish, Vegetarian Oil, Viscose.

Material of Construction :

Cast Iron, Cast Steel, and Stainless Steel.

Rotation :-

Marked with arrow on the casing of each pump. Check before coupling with the primeover .

Important Features

Suitable for continuos operation, Heavy Duty, Less wear and tear, Hot oil Circulation Pumps,
Thermic Fluid oil Circulation, Oil Firing application in rolling Mills, Oil Lubrication of Bill Gear Boxes in Rolling Mills etc., Pump duty requirement should be furnished by the customer for easy selection of suitable Pump.

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