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Piston Pump/ Plunger Pumps


  • Heavy Duty and Power efficient
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Develops maximum pressure Upto 300/400 PSI
  • Horizontal stainless steel Piston
  • All working parts are lubricated by oil path.
  • Provides By – pass cum pressure regulating valve and pressure vessel.
  • Suction capacity is 10 LPM to 36 LPM.


  • Spraying Agro chemicals in the orchards & the fields.
  • Automobile service station
  • Boiler feed Pump.
  • Hydro Testing for vessels valves etc.,
  • Jet Spray cleaning System
  • Spray drying systems.

Function of Piston Pumps / Plunger Pumps :-

These will work an oil bath with stainless Steel plunger having discharge capacity of 10 LPM to 36 LPM. The Body of the pump is called a Crank Case, also called Oil Bath chamber. The yellow color portion of the pump is an assembly of three chambers Viz:

Suction chamber at the bottom, Valve chamber at the centre and delivery chamber at the top. Pressure vessel is provided to stabilise pressure/Flow of water . A By – Pass cum pressure regulating valve is also provided to regulate the pressure as well as to by pass the extra quantity of water. Pressure vessel and By – Pass valve are mounted on the above assembly side by side.

Boiler Feed Pump

Salient Features

  • Body –Close Grain Cast Iron
  • Impeller _ Bronze /S.S.
  • Shaft – Stainless Steel
  • Bearing – Ball Bearing at the driving or both the ends.
  • Packing – Soft Graphite Packing.
  • Shaft & Impeller – Only moving parts.
  • Rotation-The shaft rotates clockwise seeing from driving end of the pump.
  • Priming – Needs only at first stagge.
  • Testing – Accuracy of + 10% Guarantee-One year against any Manufacturing defect.
  • Specification IS-8472.

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