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Process Pump and Stainless Steel Pump

"Rotomech” Chemical and process pumps Type have been developed according to international standards to meet the diversified application in the chemical and petrochemical industries.


The Hydraulic design of the pump casing and impeller is such the head capacity characteristics are stable so that satisfactory parallel operation of two or more pumps is possible. The pump are capable of achieving higher suction lift as compared to the conventional pumps. Auxiliary vanes on the back of the impeller reduce axial thrust and eliminate gland leakage when the pump is working. The gooseneck volute casing does not permit formation of air pocket in the casing.


The bearing are oil lubricated by oil or grease depends the pump duty.

Industrial Using

Chemical, Fertilizer, Paper, Petrochemical, Dye Stuff Food, Steel, Dyeing Coal Mines, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Brewing, Sugar Industries Refineries Cracking Plants, Solvent Plant and distillation plants. “rotomech” Chemical Process Pump are manufactured in the following Types to suit various requirement of the industry.

  • Standard General Purpose Chemical Pump.
  • Pump with Water cooled Stuffing Box
  • Pump with semi – open impeller and replaceable wearing plate.
  • Pump with mechanical seal (or) Gland Packing
  • Pump with Double Mechanical Seal and Water Cooling Provision for Mechanical seal to handle high Temperature water with vapour.

Pump can be supplied in a combination of special feature of material of construction :-

  1. With cooling jackets for stuffing box & Cooling of bearing housing.
  2. With Mechanical seals. with Centre Lined support for Thermic Fluid oil circulation pumps
  3. Centre Lined support for Thermic Fluid Oil Circulation.

Chemical Pump


Chemical Pump


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