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Note :

  1. Rotate Pump Coupling by hand Before Motor Start.
  2. If Pump is Jam Condition fill hot water from Valve  (A) and Rotate by hand
  3. Close Ball Valve (B) at suction pipe before Motor off  and fill water from top delivery side Valve (A) so that pump is filled in water easy for next motor start.
  4. Silicate inside the pump do not allow to be dry keep pump always as wet condition. So fill water inside the pump from top.

Note :

  • Make it sure suction pipe is not blocked every Caustic Soda Lye pumping operation after fill some water at (A) Tank and start pump S. that pump will be washed out.
  • Rotate pump shaft by hand.

Note :

  • Make it sure suction pipe is not blocked every Quartz Powder Slurry Lye pumping operation after fill some water at (A) Tank or from Valve (B) and start pump so that pump will be washed out. Further keep some water inside so that pump will be always free not jammed.
  • Rotate pump shaft by hand before motor starting.


  • We enclose herewith a line sketch (Installation drawing) for piping  work to be carried out by you for Filter Press Pump.
  • Do this Plumbing as  per sketch.
  • 5%  Water can be returned through Gate Valve ‘B’ for mixing  the sludge  in the collection tank. 
  • Do not operate Motor with Valve ‘B’ Fully open.
  1. Before Motor Start Gate Valve ‘A’ and Gate Valve ‘B’ Must be close.

Condition and fill  water through Ball Valve ‘C’ and remove Air and start the Motor then slowly open the Gate Valve ‘A’ let continuously pumping directly  into Filter press atleast 30 Minute then open Valve ‘B’ partially and allow 5%  water to be returned to suction tank(near suction pipe) for mixing the sludge.

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Installation Of Filter Press Pumpset, drawing of silicate, caustic soda lye pump,

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