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Horizontal Non - Clog Pump

Horizontal Non - Clog Pump :- (Slurry Pump, Sewage Pump)

Non – Clog pump are horizontal – type end suction centrifugal pumps for handling heavily contaminated or muddy liquids with solids in suspension such as mash, pulps, beet shreds, sewage etc. The impeller has an axial intet. With a diameter equal to the internal width of the suction branch of the pump. The impeller hub is situated on the stuffing box end to ensure solids to be handled without difficulty. The impeller is of a double ducted, vaneless design and runs in an axially symmetrical pump casing. The size of the particles that can be handled depends on the cross –sectional area of the impeller ducts.

The Casing is flanged to the pump support and provided with a cleaning hole. The lateral pressure branch is vertically directed upwardly, but can also be provided horizontal right or Left. The pump has only one stuffing box which is conveniently accessible through large opening in the pump support. The pump shaft is carried in the pump support at the drive and in two oil lubrication bearings, one of which drives also for axially locating the shaft.

The drive may be effected by means of a close – coupled or belt drive. Sewage pumps are normally constructed of grey cast Iron with a shaft of steel for handling aggressive liquids all parts contacted by the fluid can be made of the respective materials most suitable for given application.

These Pumps are used with different purposes the details of which are available on request.

  • Appartments - Septic Tank Cleaning , Or Daily Pumping  Sewage to main trenches.
  • Farms – Water containing fibrous materials.
  • Fresh Mud from settling tank.
  • Textile Dyeing - Removal of sludge from collection tank.
  • Food Processing – Mashes, Pulps, Solids.
  • Breweries – Unscreened Solids – Removal.


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Horizontal Non - Clog Pump

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