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Thermic Fluid Hot Oil Pump


The Thermic Fluid Hot Oil Pump are Manufactured in special constructions for the circulation of heat Oil Transfer. The application fields are covered by the following high temperature and pressure Limits.

  • Admissible Temperature of Flow Medium - 320 Deg.C
  • Admissible Internal Pump Pressure - 10 Bar
  • Admissible Supply Pressure - 5 Bar.
  • See to it that the existing NPSH Values of the plant should always be greater than the required NPSH Values of the Pump.

Construction Features

Casing :-

Volute – Type, end Suction, Backpullout, Centre Line Top discharge, integrally Cast feet, also available centre line support casing.


Enclose d type, High Mechanical and hydraulic efficiency, provided with back vanes to reduce pressure at the stuffing box.

Sealing Arrangement

Graphite packing packed at gland box with cooling chamber to pass cooling water and protect graphite packings life.

Bearing Housing

Available standard and reinforced bearing assemblies for high temperature or high suction pressure of .05mm. Bearing housing can be provided with a constant level oiler.

Throat Ring / Bush

It is provided to further reduce the pressure an the stuffing box. It helps to prolong the life of graphite packings.

Shaft Sleeve

Easily replaceable, compatible and hardened. Thermic Fluid Pumps are supplied from 300 m3 against customer requirements.




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Thermic Fluid Hot Oil Pump Manufacturer India

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